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Yangzhou guangning jinhua glass co., LTD. Is located in yangzhou, an ancient city with a long history, splendid culture and prosperous business. Founded in 1995, our company has been providing complete laboratory solutions for universities, governments, hospitals, research institutes, testing centers and industrial customers, covering surface science, analytical instruments, life science equipment and laboratory instruments. Another professional wholesale laboratory sales of chemical reagents and laboratory supplies. Our aim is "customer respect, service heart."
Import instrument brands: domestic instruments: : Eerck, Sigma, Fisher, Acros, its group, TCL, Alfa, ling feng, west Asia, Nike, Aladdin, lark, Titan, apotheker, sheehan, mike audi, huaxia kechuang, north Rayleigh, sea ray and auspicious days, days beauty, micro, aetna, June 1, macro, a constant, leap, hotelling, magnetic, agilent, ray's fly, dense Richard, hash, WTW, GE, wantong, the Anton paar, mettler, mexican-american, ai card, split Seth, beckmann, Hitachi, Olympus.
Imported equipment, domestic equipment, experimental instruments, laboratory equipment and consumables, various chemical reagents, chemical raw materials, theatrical drugs.
We uphold: customers, services, technology as the fundamental concept. Our philosophy: steady development, the pursuit of a creative and dynamic enterprise, with a sense of social responsibility corporate citizens, and in the field of services to become highly respected qualified suppliers. Our values: to meet customer requirements with outstanding quality, value and service, to achieve sustainable and steady development, to provide employees with considerable returns, to respect the social and natural environment and life, and to be an enterprise that employees are proud of.