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Moisture Analyzer Specifications and Features

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Moisture Analyzer Specifications and Features

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The moisture analyzer specifications are as follows:
The moisture analyzer specifications are as follows:
1. Polarization voltage output: 0~2550mv
2. Polarization step: 10mv
3. Polarization output error: <±3%
4. Polarization voltage maximum output current: 5mA
5. The most way: 0~200μA
6. Resolution: 0.01μA
7. Effective accuracy is better than: ± 0.1μA
8. Minimum feed: 0.625μl
9. Moisture measurement range: 10ppm~100%
10. Result unit: mg; %; ppm
11. Measurement time (depending on the titer): 30 seconds to several minutes
12. Method Storage Capacity: 100 titration results peripheral interface.
13. Peripheral interface: printer interface: RS232C interface
Moisture Analyzer Features:
★ Chinese shows the titration process, which can be input and output in Chinese and English.
★The fully-closed design of the titration stand can automatically change the solvent to avoid contact with chemical agents.
★According to the experimental environmental conditions, you can set the “automatic” or “manual” drift value background subtraction to ensure more accurate analysis results.
★ The titration result can be output according to the GLP/GMP requirements format, and the stored titration results are statistically analyzed.
★ Randomly equipped with titration monitoring software to monitor all titration processes and upgrade versions through the software.
Moisture Analyzer can be widely used in all industries that need to quickly measure moisture, such as medicine, plastics, chemicals, food (fish, dehydrated vegetables, meat and aquatic products processing, noodles, flour, biscuits, moon cakes, etc.), food, feed, Seeds, rapeseed, tea and textiles, agriculture, forestry, paper, rubber, textile and other industries in the production and experimental process.
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