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Dissolved oxygen meter installation and maintenance

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Dissolved oxygen meter installation and maintenance

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The dissolved oxygen meter is generally immersed, and it should be noted that the original mounting bracket must be used.
The dissolved oxygen meter is generally immersed, and it should be noted that the original mounting bracket must be used. The mounting brackets supplied by the manufacturer are made of stainless steel with plastic chains. The length of the chain can be adjusted to change the immersion depth of the sensor. The guide tube on the bracket ensures that the sensor is always in the vertical position. The bracket portion is specially designed to transmit fluctuations in the water surface to the dip tube, causing slight vibration of the dip tube, resulting in an additional cleaning effect on the probe surface through the dip tube. In order to reduce investment, some users make their own mounting brackets, which often leads to poor sealing between the dip tube and the sensor on the bracket. The sewage infiltrates, so that the joint between the special cable and the sensor is immersed in the sewage for a long time, which is easy to cause damage to the sensor; Some even do not install the bracket, directly put the sensor into the water, so that a large pulling force will be formed between the sensor and the cable, and the sensor is more likely to be damaged. The dissolved oxygen probe is gently cleaned with water every week. It is found that the damage of the membrane head should be replaced in time, and the electrolyte should be replaced in time. When the sewage contains H2S, NH3, benzene or phenol, it is harmful to the membrane head. In this case, the film head must be replaced frequently. To judge whether the electrode in the probe is good or bad, just look at the color. The reference electrode should be black gray, the cathode (gold electrode) should be yellow, and the counter electrode must be bright, otherwise it should be cleaned or regenerated. With the increasing emphasis on water resources protection in China, the purification treatment of sewage is becoming more and more important, and the detection instruments required for the matching process are indispensable. Water quality analyzers are the most important instruments in the wastewater treatment industry. In addition to proper selection and installation, regular maintenance and calibration are also important.
The dissolved oxygen meter is easy to install, has a long calibration period (3 to 4 months), is insensitive to other substances, and can monitor the use of electrolytes in the diaphragm and probe. Generally, the electrolyte and diaphragm are replaced every three to three years. The COM252 type dissolved oxygen transmitter is an intelligent instrument with HART or Profibus communication protocol. It also has a self-diagnosis function. When a fault occurs, it will display the fault code, prompting the maintenance personnel to locate the fault. The way to greatly reduce maintenance time and workload.