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Introduction to atmospheric sampler

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Introduction to atmospheric sampler

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Atmospheric samplers are instruments or devices that collect atmospheric or contaminated air.
Atmospheric samplers are instruments or devices that collect atmospheric or contaminated air. There are many types, according to the collection object can be divided into gas sampler and particle sampler; according to the use of the site can be divided into environmental sampler, indoor sampler and pollution source sampler. In addition, there are special-purpose atmospheric samplers, such as samplers that collect both gas and particulate matter. The gas sampler generally consists of a collector, a flow meter and an aspirating power system.
Atmospheric samplers work well for the detection of air and harmful gases in the environment. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, atmospheric samplers are constantly introducing new products, such as: intelligent atmospheric sampler, explosion-proof atmospheric sampler, dual-gas atmospheric sampler, etc., which greatly enriches the classification of atmospheric samplers.
With the increasing attention to environmental issues in the country, there are more and more companies that produce environmentally friendly instruments such as atmospheric samplers. Thanks to the continuous research and development of research teams led by these entrepreneurs, today's atmospheric samplers are more accurate and more complete. Such as: Tianrui Instrument, Xinbao Technology.
The atmospheric sampler is only a part of the sampling instrument, as well as individual samplers, dust samplers, dust samplers, explosion-proof samplers, and so on.