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Summary: It now has more than 300 m (No. 129 Jiangyang East Road) in the office and sales exhibition hall, more than 2000 m in various warehouses, 4 self-owned transport vehicles and 2 dangerous goods transport vehicles. With medical device business license, non-pharmaceutical precursor chemicals business record, hazardous chemicals business license, under: finance department, administrative department, marketing and after-sales service department, purchasing department, warehousing department and other relevant departments.

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: 比色计专用标准品
    • Commodity ID: 1189251499813392384


    Reagecon比色计专用标准品 特点


    Reagecon比色计专用标准品 特点


    ASTM 比色标准液样本 A1-A7
    赛波特比色标准液 S+30 至 S-15
    铂钴色标编号 0-500
    加德纳比色标准液 GARD02-GARD16
    这些产品基于重量/重量的基本原理进行重量分析制备而成。溶质和溶剂都于 Reagecon 技术人员利用 OIML 可追溯重量进行校准的衡器上进行称重。Reagecon 持有校准非自动称量仪器的ISO17025 认证(INAB 参考:265C)。由此产生的校准重量证书按照 ISO/IEC 17025 的要求发放。
    每种标准液的浓度均利用高性能最具水准的分度分光光度计进行验证。利用 ISO Guide 34 认证的高纯度分光光度标准液完成风光光度计的校准工作。
    比色计专用标准品 产品
    有效期 货号 Description 描述 包装规格
    ASTM 颜色标准液
    12mths ASTMA101 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A1 ASTM 比色标准样品 A1 100ml
    12mths ASTMA105 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A1 ASTM 比色标准样品 A1 500 ml
    12mths ASTMA301 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A3 ASTM 比色标准样品 A3 100 ml
    12mths ASTMA305 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A3 ASTM 比色标准样品 A3 500 ml
    12mths ASTMA501 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A5 ASTM 比色标准样品 A5 100 ml
    12mths ASTMA505 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A5 ASTM 比色标准样品 A5 500 ml
    12mths ASTMA701 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A7 ASTM 比色标准样品 A7 100 ml
    12mths ASTMA705 ASTM Colour Standard Sample A7 ASTM 比色标准样品 A7 500 ml
    Saybolt Color Standards 赛波特比色标准液
    12mths SAYP301 Saybolt Colour +30 赛氏色度 +30 100 ml
    12mths SAYP305 Saybolt Colour +30 赛氏色度 +30 500 ml
    12mths SAYP251 Saybolt Colour +25 赛氏色度 +25 100 ml
    12mths SAYP255 Saybolt Colour +25 赛氏色度  +25 500 ml
    12mths SAYP191 Saybolt Colour +19 赛氏色度  +19 100 ml
    12mths SAYP195 Saybolt Colour +19 赛氏色度  +19 500 ml
    12mths SAYP151 Saybolt Colour +15 赛氏色度  +15 100 ml
    12mths SAYP155 Saybolt Colour +15 赛氏色度  +15 500 ml
    12mths SAYP121 Saybolt Colour +12 赛氏色度  +12 100 ml
    12mths SAYP125 Saybolt Colour +12 赛氏色度  +12 500 ml
    12mths SAYP01 Saybolt Colour +0 赛氏色度  +0 100 ml
    12mths SAYP05 Saybolt Colour +0 赛氏色度  +0 500 ml
    12mths SAYN151 Saybolt Colour -15 赛氏色度  -15 100 ml
    12mths SAYN155 Saybolt Colour -15 赛氏色度  -15 500 ml
    Platinum-Cobalt Color Standards 铂钴比色标准液 *
    12mths HAZ0 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 0 铂-钴色度 0 1000 ml
    24mths HAZ10 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 10 铂-钴色度 10 1000 ml
    24mths HAZ25 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 25 铂-钴色度 25 1000 ml
    24mths HAZ40 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 40 铂-钴色度 40 1000 ml
    36mths HAZ50 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 50 铂-钴色度 50 1000 ml
    36mths HAZ80 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 80 铂-钴色度 80 1000 ml
    36mths HAZ100 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 100 铂-钴色度 100 1000 ml
    36mths HAZ250 Platinum-Cobalt Colour 250 铂-钴色度 250 1000 ml
    36mths HAZ500 Platinum -Colbalt Colour 500 铂-钴色度 500 1000 ml
    Gardner Color Standards  Gardner 加德纳比色标准液 *
    12mths GAR02 Gardner Colour 2 加德纳色度 2 500ml
    12mths GAR04 Gardner Colour 4 加德纳色度 4 500ml
    12mths GAR06 Gardner Colour 6 加德纳色度 6 500ml
    12mths GAR08 Gardner Colour 8 加德纳色度 8 500ml
    12mths GAR10 Gardner Colour 10 加德纳色度 10 500ml
    12mths GAR12 Gardner Colour 12 加德纳色度 12 500ml
    12mths GAR14 Gardner Colour 14 加德纳色度 14 500ml
    12mths GAR16 Gardner Colour 16 加德纳色度 16 500ml


The laboratory package solution is a comprehensive laboratory solution designed to meet the needs of customers for various scientific research and testing in the laboratory. The solution covers many aspects of laboratory design, construction, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, etc., and aims to provide customers with one-stop laboratory solutions.

During the design and construction of complete laboratory solutions, it is necessary to consider the specific needs and functions of the laboratory, including the type of experiment, the object of the experiment, the experimental process, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other factors of the laboratory to ensure that the laboratory complies with relevant regulations and standards.

The selection of equipment for complete laboratory solutions is also a very important part. It is necessary to select the appropriate equipment according to the experimental needs and budget, and consider the performance, stability, reliability, ease of use and other factors of the equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly install and debug the equipment to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

Training of laboratory personnel for complete solutions is also an essential part. It is necessary to carry out systematic training for laboratory personnel, including knowledge of equipment operation, experimental process, safety and environmental protection, so as to ensure that laboratory personnel can operate equipment and carry out experiments skillfully.

The after-sales service of complete laboratory solutions is also a very important link. It is necessary to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment repair, maintenance, replacement and other services to ensure that customers' experiments can be carried out smoothly.

In short, the laboratory package solution is a comprehensive, professional and reliable laboratory solution, which aims to provide customers with one-stop laboratory solutions to help customers improve experimental efficiency and experimental quality.

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