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Merck inorganic salt

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Merck inorganic salt

The term ACS - conforms to the American Chemical Society's analytical reagents, widely used in research and development, quality control.
Product description
Product parameters
The term ACS - conforms to the American Chemical Society's analytical reagents, widely used in research and development, quality control.
ISO - English abbreviation of the International Organization for Standardization. Its full name is International Organization for Standardization or International Standard Organized
Reag.Ph.Eur - Ph.Eur. = European Pharmacopoeia = EP=European Pharmacopoeia. Reag.Ph.Eur is a reagent that complies with the European Pharmacopoeia.
GR - Merck's first guaranteed-grade reagent in 1851, the industry-approved GR-class reagent (Guarantee Reagent)
Merck reagent new standard (EMSURE, EMPARTA, EMPLURA) In 2010, Merck Chemical introduced a new reagent series: EMSURE@, EMPARTA@, EMPLURA@, which replaced the GR-level idiom in the market. The aim is to redefine the purity of the reagents and to make the most accurate classification and positioning of the reagents with the most professional induction.
In fact, as a global leader in high-purity reagents, Merck first introduced a guaranteed-grade reagent in 1851, which is the industry-recognized GR-class reagent (Guarantee Reagent). Its excellent reagent quality has been recognized by users around the world. Follow with peers. As a leader in the reagent industry, Merck began to work on new standards for its products in 2009, and in 2010 launched the gold standard EMSURE@ for high purity reagents. Its launch not only provides a comprehensive product line, but also guarantees the safety of laboratory technicians and protects the working environment under the premise of ensuring quality. 
All EMSURE® high purity reagents are of the highest quality and reliability and meet all important international standards. In order to meet the diversity of market consumers, Merck Reagent Solvents offers a wide range of packaging specifications and packaging materials for EMSURE® reagents for analytical applications.
Merck first introduced warranty reagents in 1851
Listed up to 42 impurities
Parameter < 100ppb
Typical practical analysis < 10 to 50ppb
Batch testing according to published standards
Guarantee batch-to-batch consistency
View and download analysis certificates on the Internet COA
Fully compliant with ACS, ISO and European Pharmacopoeia
These high quality products are suitable for demanding pharmaceutical applications. The product complies with ACS, ISO and Reag.Ph Eur. For safe and convenient operation, the product is available in a variety of sizes and materials. Parameter control up to 60 types.
These mid-range products are suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical applications. These products are subject to the ACS regulations. The specifications and materials are chosen to be less than EMSURETM, with approximately 10 parameters controlled.
For high-volume use only, this grade is suitable for cleaning (eg for schools) as well as for production, extraction and synthesis. Control up to five parameters.
Smart packaging
Wide-necked polyethylene bottles (PE) are suitable for most inorganic salts, not only are polyethylene bottles not broken and no additional packaging is required. Polyethylene is better than glass in chemical durability compared to alkaline materials
Only a small amount of aggressive substances can react with polyethylene. Such products are packaged in glass bottles.
Large packages over 5kg are packaged in combination: the compound is placed in a polyethylene bag and transferred to a pleated cardboard box
Sensitive and corrosive bulk products are placed in polyethylene bags and transferred to polyethylene drums
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