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Viscosity standard solution


Keywords: instrument, laboratory equipment, testing equipment

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Reagecon viscosity standard solution
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    • Commodity name: Viscosity standard solution

    Reagecon viscosity standard solution

    Reagecon Viscosity Standards Characteristic Viscosity Standards
    A viscometer is a physical property analysis instrument that measures the viscosity of a fluid. Viscosity is a physical property of a fluid substance, which reflects the internal friction between molecules when the fluid is subjected to external forces, and the viscosity of a substance is closely related to its chemical composition. In industrial production and scientific research, the composition or quality of substances is often monitored by measuring viscosity. For example, in the production process of polymer materials, the viscometer can be used to monitor the viscosity of the synthesis reaction products and automatically control the reaction endpoint. Viscosity measurement is required for other products such as oil cracking, lubricating oil blending, automatic control of the production process of certain foods and drugs, monitoring of crude oil pipeline transportation process, and quality inspection of various petroleum products and paints.
    Shanghai Hengqi Instrument provides viscosity standards that can be used for calibration, control, validation, determination or method validation of kinematic and kinetic viscosity measuring instruments (manual and automatic). All products are traceable to the temperature range of ITS-90 and the generally accepted standard value of water viscosity at 20 °C, which is specified by ISO3666 as 1.0034mm2/s (cSt).
    1. Manufactured and certified to Ubitz standard viscometer according to ASTM D2162. This is the main method of certification of internationally recognized viscosity standards.
    2. Each standard is certified for kinematic viscosity (mm2/s, CST), kinetic viscosity (CP) and density (g/ml) over a certain temperature range.
    3. Long shelf life.
    4. All standards conform to Newtonian fluid characteristics.
    Viscosity standards specified in CST

The laboratory package solution is a comprehensive laboratory solution designed to meet the needs of customers for various scientific research and testing in the laboratory. The solution covers many aspects of laboratory design, construction, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, etc., and aims to provide customers with one-stop laboratory solutions.

During the design and construction of complete laboratory solutions, it is necessary to consider the specific needs and functions of the laboratory, including the type of experiment, the object of the experiment, the experimental process, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other factors of the laboratory to ensure that the laboratory complies with relevant regulations and standards.

The selection of equipment for complete laboratory solutions is also a very important part. It is necessary to select the appropriate equipment according to the experimental needs and budget, and consider the performance, stability, reliability, ease of use and other factors of the equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly install and debug the equipment to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

Training of laboratory personnel for complete solutions is also an essential part. It is necessary to carry out systematic training for laboratory personnel, including knowledge of equipment operation, experimental process, safety and environmental protection, so as to ensure that laboratory personnel can operate equipment and carry out experiments skillfully.

The after-sales service of complete laboratory solutions is also a very important link. It is necessary to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment repair, maintenance, replacement and other services to ensure that customers' experiments can be carried out smoothly.

In short, the laboratory package solution is a comprehensive, professional and reliable laboratory solution, which aims to provide customers with one-stop laboratory solutions to help customers improve experimental efficiency and experimental quality.

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